Food sovereignty

The new program aims to improve people’s food sovereignty and targets 1,000 people. It began in the second half of 2020.

image du Burundi


Food sovereignty

1700 people, including 800 women, took part in the regeneration of their environment. Faced with the advancing desert and security tensions in the region, local communities are mobilizing to maintain their way of life and food security.

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Democratic Republic of Congo

Food sovereignty

7,000 people, including 3,800 women, have been able to improve their food security thanks to in-depth work on agroecological practices. They can now sell their produce and increase their income.

acte: Cheminer vers la souveraineté alimentaire en RDC


Food sovereignty and education & training

A vocational training center in agroecology and animal husbandry has opened its doors. It enables young unemployed girls and boys to receive training and gain access to employment.

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Education & training

1,600 children, including 760 girls, have benefited from improved schooling conditions thanks to the introduction of new learning methodologies.

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Food sovereignty and education & training

Two projects on vocational training and food sovereignty are currently being formalised.

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