Who are we?

About us

Secodev is a non-governmental organisation with charitable status whose mission is to fight and extinguish poverty in the south. Its development assistance program “Reversing the process of impoverishment of rural populations” has been developed with local partners and is based on the needs of the world’s most severely disadvantaged communities.

Focused on countries which have suffered from armed conflicts or are still experiencing unstable geopolitical conditions, Secodev operates in isolated regions where wars and violence have claimed many victims, first and foremost, women and children.

Thanks to its expertise in food sovereignty and vocational training, Secodev empowers supported communities, in particular small rural families and women and children, to become dynamic actors of change, taking control and improving their living conditions in a sustainable manner.

Through a vigorous social inclusion methodology, Secodev ensures the most vulnerable social strata, often forgotten, are included in its programs. This includes widows, widowers, young people, young single mothers, and ex-prisoners.

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Establishment of a Development Cooperation division within Caritas Geneva, under the name of Caritas Tiers-Monde (Caritas Developing World)


Secodev becomes a member of the Fédération Genevoise de Coopération (Geneva Cooperation Federation)


Caritas Tiers-Monde changes its name to Secodev, Service de Coopération au Développement de Caritas Genève (Secodev, Caritas Geneva Development Cooperation division)


First funding by the FGC of a four-year action plan


Secodev becomes an autonomous association with the appointment of its own committee and Secretary general. Maintains close collaboration with Caritas Geneva


Second four-year action plan


Appointment of a new Secretary general


Awarded the Zewo label


Third four-year action plan

Organisation, team and committee

Secodev is an association whose secretariat is based in Geneva. It is a small organization, headed by a director supported by two employees, a program manager and a communication and fundraising officer, as well as by a committee composed of volunteers.


Portrait d'Anne Simon, Secrétaire générale

Anne Simon

Managing Director


Anne Simon, appointed Director of Secodev, has more than 25 years of experience in management and global strategy consulting, not only in non-governmental organizations, but also in the public and private sectors. She has guided various organizations in the implementation of strategies to carry out programs in the fields of international solidarity and development cooperation. She recently supported the Silvana Arbia Foundation in the development of their program and strategy for the prevention of child soldier issues in Africa and the Middle East.

As Executive Director of the European Federation of Soroptimists International, an organization of over 80,000 women in 126 countries, she was responsible for advocacy at the United Nations. Prior to that, she developed her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), where she spent many years managing the Strategy and Intelligence Research division in the Middle East and the Global External Affairs department in New York.

After five years as a technical commissioner, Anne is now a member of the board of the Fédération genevoise de coopération (FGC), which brings together over 60 associations. She continues to work as a consultant for several foundations and non-profit organizations. She is the co-author of several publications, including the Arab Women Leadership Outlook 2009-2011, a pioneering report on the issues and challenges facing Arab women.

Portrait de Leny Mora-Monteros, Responsable de programme

Leny Mora-Monteros

Program Manager


Leny Mora-Monteros holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages and a Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Multilingual Communication from Stendhal University in Grenoble, France (2015).

Before joining Secodev, he worked in Grenoble and Geneva as a project manager in the field of development cooperation. He also worked as a project coordinator for Africa and Latin America in a Geneva-based NGO.

Currently, Leny, as Program Manager at Secodev, is responsible for the planning, monitoring and evaluation of projects in Africa. Since November 2021, he is also a member of the financial control commission of the Geneva Federation of Cooperation (FGC).

Portrait de MR

Marguerite Rosset

Communication and Fundraising Officer


Marguerite Rosset is an accomplished expert in digital communication, having gained extensive experience through her collaborations with private companies, public institutions, and innovative startups.

Her enthusiasm for new technologies has led her to oversee digital campaigns and explore the intricacies of digital law. Alongside this, her commitment to humanitarian aid has driven her to volunteer for Don Du Chœur, where she contributes as a community manager.

More recently, her professional journey has focused on supporting companies in developing applications that incorporate artificial intelligence, emphasizing ethical, inclusive, and diverse considerations.

She joined Secodev in 2024 as the Communications and Fundraising Officer.


Carole Dromer


  • Member of Doctors of the World
  • Ex-deputy head of health at the ICRC

Philippe Frésard


  • Financial Assistant to the Episcopal Vicariate of the RCC

Théogène Gakuba


  • Scientific assistant at the Haute Ecole de Travail Social de Genève
  • President of the association REFORMAF

Sylvie Manzini


  • Banking sector
  • Vice-president of Caritas Geneva
  • President of the Caritas Geneva Foundation

Martyna Olivet


  • Department on Good Governance of UNICEF National Committees
  • Member of the COTMEC
  • Member of the Information Commission of the GCF

Ugo Panizza


  • Professor of Economics & Pictet Chair in Finance and Development at the Geneva Graduate Institute
  • Economist at the World Bank and Senior Economist at the

Laure Speziali


  • Member of the committee of Caritas Geneva
  • Member of the committee of Humanitel

Michel Warynski


  • Former Secretary General of Caritas Geneva
  • Secretary of the Caritas Geneva Foundation
  • Secretary of the Association Cité Joie