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To fulfill its mission, Secodev needs your support more than ever to finance its projects in many developing countries.

The donations you make can help many people become more independent, improve their daily lives and secure them with a better future.



Your donations are deductible from your tax return up to 20% of taxable income. Secodev is Zewo certified.

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Support the beneficiaries

Secodev needs your support more than ever to help the most vulnerable populations facing the consequences of Covid 19. Secodev has received worrying information from its partners in the field regarding the economic and social repercussions on the beneficiaries of its projects, already vulnerable and isolated populations. Various factors linked to the crisis caused by COVID 19 threaten them and put them at risk of falling back into food insecurity and further precariousness. Hunger is already hitting these vulnerable households.

Secodev is convinced that in this time of global crisis, solidarity with the most vulnerable populations is essential and will enable them to recover and survive this human, social, health and economic catastrophe.


You can help them by supporting the actions of Secodev and its partners, with them, on the ground, so that the progress they have already made is not reduced to nothing.