Jean-Claude: the story of a graduate of the vocational training center in Rwanda

Jean-Claude Muhire is an alumnus of the second class of students at the Centre de Formation Professionnelle et de Promotion Agro-écologique de Kabgayi (CEFOPPAK). After graduating in March 2023, he received a start-up kit to enable him to launch his professional activity in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Since July, he has been living in his native village with his family, and has started growing tomatoes for the first season. With the earnings from the tomato cultivation, he was able to  initiate the cultivation of cabbage on the same plot in the next growing cycle and purchase his first pig. In the future, he would like to expand his project, both in agriculture and pig breeding.

In his village, he is an example of success for other young people, to whom he passes on what he has learned at the center. His mother testifies to this success: “He’s always been a good kid, but this training has taught him the values of work and living in society. I’m very happy with the activities my son is doing”.

Each semester, the CEFOPPAK center welcomes a class of 40 young girls and boys, enabling them to learn about agroecological practices and animal husbandry, while at the same time training them in entrepreneurship. Stories like Jean-Claude’s illustrate the success of this training program, where former students can succeed by launching their own farming and livestock activities.