International Education Day: Secodev commits to quality education

To mark International Education Day, Secodev would like to highlight the importance of vocational training for young people.

Worldwide, 87% of children complete primary school, but only 58% finish secondary school. And yet, continuing their education beyond primary school is essential, as it offers students the opportunity to develop skills in a specific field, while building a solid professional future. This enables them to escape precariousness and achieve economic autonomy, while contributing to the development of their country.

Secodev has been actively involved in vocational training initiatives in Asia and Africa for many years. Our unwavering commitment is focused on improving the employability of disadvantaged young people, with the fight against poverty at the heart of our priorities.

In Laos, Secodev provides marginalized young girls and boys with access to better schooling conditions, through vocational training in hotel management, catering and mechanics. These courses strengthen their skills in these sectors, while facilitating their access to the job market in a country where tourism-related activities play a predominant role in the economy.


In Rwanda, where agriculture accounts for almost 90% of jobs, Secodev has set up a vocational training center in agro-ecology and livestock breeding. Located in the Muhanga district, the center is designed for underprivileged young people, enabling them to receive theoretical and practical training. On completion of the training, the young graduates receive a start-up kit enabling them to launch their professional activity in agriculture and livestock breeding.


Secodev is therefore firmly focused on vocational training for young people, which is essential if we are to make a lasting commitment to development. In line with this commitment, Secodev plans to pursue its activities in the field of vocational training, with two projects currently being formalized.

In Rwanda, Secodev intends to broaden its areas of study and use its expertise by opening a new training course in catering, aimed at underprivileged young people. Secodev is also planning to diversify its training courses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, offering courses tailored to the job market, such as mechanics, welding and handicrafts.