Solidarity and Climate: Highlights from the Inspiring Forum in Plan-les-Ouates

A decidedly committed weekend recently took place in Plan-les-Ouates, highlighting international solidarity and the fight against climate change. On February 9th and 10th, the Espace Vélodrome echoed with the rhythms of the forum “Solidarity in all its States“, organized by the Department of Social Action and Youth in collaboration with around thirty associations and NGOs, among which Secodev stood out for its particularly active participation.

Exploring Local and Global Initiatives

An invested audience of 700 participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic universe of international solidarity. NGO booths, an immersive presentation of projects in virtual reality, a roundtable in partnership with the Geneva Federation of Cooperation (FGC), in which Secodev actively participated, as well as a climate mural and games dedicated to children, constituted a comprehensive and enriching experience. These activities highlighted the concrete actions implemented to address global challenges, emphasizing collective commitment to a more solidarity-driven and sustainable world.

Concrete Engagement: Plan-les-Ouates in Action

During the opening speech, Xavier Magnin, Administrative Counselor in charge of international solidarity, praised Plan-les-Ouates’ commitment to international solidarity, allocating 0.78% of its operating expenses in 2020.

Enlightening Roundtable: Secodev at the Heart of Solutions

The Friday evening roundtable explored the essential theme of “Solidarity Projects: What solutions in the face of climate urgency?”. Secodev, alongside other committed actors, seized the opportunity to highlight the impact of climate change on projects in the field, as well as innovative solutions proposed. Anne Simon, Secretary-General, emphasized: “At Secodev, we believe that agroecological food production by small farmers is the most suitable agricultural model to meet future food needs, globally and in Switzerland.”

The roundtable highlighted the historical responsibility of industrialized countries towards Southern countries in the face of climate change. Secodev particularly emphasized the crucial role of agroecology and agroforestry in adapting to climate change, with concrete projects in Mali, the DRC, and Rwanda.

A Call to Collective Action and the Continuity of Committed Forums

Beyond a simple gathering, this event served as a platform for exchanges, awareness, and concrete actions in favor of international solidarity and the fight against climate change. The diversity of speakers, the richness of projects, and the commitment of the public underscore the need to continue organizing such forums.

The Plan-les-Ouates forum reaffirmed the crucial importance of raising public awareness. Understanding the issues, discovering concrete solutions, and collectively engaging are essential steps towards building a more solidarity-driven and sustainable future. With its active participation, Secodev encourages everyone to join this inspiring movement towards a better world.